Biodata for marriage is one of the most important factors for arrange marriage. Prepare your matrimonial biodata in a proper format.You know that you have to make the first impression on a resume, which can describe you and your personality the best.
Samples of Marriage Biodata Format

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I will tell you all about a perfect biodata format for marriage for girl and biodata format for marriage for a boy.
Writing a resume for your dream job may be easier than your dream partner. Because only a perfect Jodi can lead the life happier. You have to know each other so that there may not happen any unexpected condition in the future.

You may know how to create a biodata for marriage. But, does it have the qualities to touch the heart of your life partner? You have to stand out from the crowd to make yourself special. You may include height, weight, body type, skin color, religion, caste, educational qualifications, professional background, family background, contact details etc in the resume. But, the presentation should touch the heart of prospective matches. Thus, they will notice you and you will get quick responses too.

Before submitting your biodata for marriage, be careful and see if it meet the important aspects.

If you are preparing your biodata for marriage purpose in word format, there are some basic fields you have to note. Jodi logic has found the following important points to get a faster response from the prospective matches.

  1. Choose the right template for biodata for marriage: There are many biodata formats available online, choose the one which describes you most. You have to choose the perfect biodata format of marriage for you.
  2. Spelling and grammar: Most of the boys and girls don’t give attention to this aspect. A resume with misspelling and grammatical mistakes will make a bad impression of you.
  3. About me in matrimony sample: Give your basic information including your name, cast, marital status, educational qualifications etc. You should also describe your physical appearance in short. Don’t create a complexity anyway. Write down your likes and dislikes too.
  4. Your lifestyle: Are you a vegetarian or non-vegetarian? It is important to express yourself here. Also tell your prospect about smoking or drinking habits too. You can also tell about your hobbies your ambition etc.
  5. Profile photograph: This is one of the most important things to note. Take help from your family and friends to choose the best photograph of you. Attach a beautiful recent photograph to impress the prospects.
  6. Express expectations: Express yourself in an honest manner. Write down about your desire, your aim in life, your goals. This will help the other party to take a quick decision to take further steps.
  7. Calling out sensitive information: If you have any sensitive pieces of information, don’t hesitate to mention it. For example, if you are divorced, mention it and clarify the reason behind it. If you have any physical drawback, clarify it to speed up the process. It is important for marriage biodata format for both boys and girls.
  8. Horoscope: If you have any interest in astrology and horoscope, include your data here.
  9. Your Job Salary: Give a hint of your current occupation and salary description. It is important for preparing a biodata format for marriage for boy.
  10. Your family: Describe your family here. You don’t need to descriptive at this point. Only give a hint.


Now, I will help you to free download biodata format for marriage. Here are some of the best templates to choose.

  1. Sample biodata for marriage in ms word: This is a sample biodata for marriage purpose in word format. This format is easy to navigate and describes all your aspects. You can easily edit this template and make your own.
  2. Biodata for marriage format for girl pdf : Girls are specific in some aspects. So, this biodata format is specially created for a girl. A girl will find it easy to fill all the desired information.
  3. Biodata format for marriage for boy pdf: This template is specially created for an educated and service holder boy who is searching for his dream girl.

These wonderful formats of biodata for marriage will definitely help you. You can create your own biodata for marriage from these examples.

Go with the perfect format and describe yourself in a wonderful way. Just remember that be honest and present you in a professional way.

Best of luck.

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